Why Baby Clothes Messaging Is Important

There is a rash of clothing recently that is designed for babies that is vulgar, sexist, or simply made to be offensive. These are often labeled as cool, geeky, awesome or funny baby items, and their messages tend to be constructed to allow the parents to get a kick out of what their baby is wearing.
clothing for infantsA lot of them seem to be made in good fun, but their profanity, misogyny and general sassy tone can have a negative effect on the child. People treat children, many times, the same way they see their parents treat them. Lots of people will be cautious about how to treat another person’s child until they have an idea of how the parents perceive and behave toward the child. This can be either positive or negative.
The problem with using vulgarity and offensive messaging on baby clothes is that it can make other people feel like they have some freedom to act vulgarly around the child. They may be more likely to curse, to spout their own negative messaging or simply treat the baby in an inappropriate fashion. That may not be the parents’ wishes at all, and it may never have been their intention for their child to be the recipient of negative messaging, but by advertising their ideas about parenting on their children’s clothing, they make other people feel that it is okay to behave in a certain manner around and toward their children.
This is something that parents need to be very careful about. There are all sorts of baby boy onesies and girl onesies that are adorned with cute and funny sayings and pictures, but when these go too far and become something that could be considered offensive or vulgar, then the babies may pick up on the environment and tone around them and the way that people act toward them.
Babies are incredibly perceptive, and even from birth it is important to surround them with a loving and nurturing environment. They can pick up on things easily, and if they are picking up on the wrong things, it can hurt their development. Many parents may see these clothes as harmless, but there is research to show that they are anything but. Parents doing their shopping online can use sites like baby boy onesies that generally do not sell clothes with loaded or profane messages. They have far more options than just silly shirts that could provoke a negative response, and the need to be careful about what they choose for their babies to wear.